Can be direct seeded for baby leaves or plant 6-12 inches apart for larger leaves.  Harvest baby leaves by cutting just above the growing tip or larger leaves as soon as they leaves are the size you want them by pulling off the outer ones.

Salzer’s 1915 catalog opines, “Swiss chard produces more food for the table than almost any other vegetable and it also requires less care; it yields a constant crop from July to winter.” Plants will grow quite large. Space according to use can be closer together for baby leaf harvest. Soften thick ribs of chard, beets and other greens by braising.

Chard · Bright Lights Lightly savoyed, green or bronze leaves with stems of many colors including gold, pink, orange, purple, red, and white with bright and pastel variations. The flavor is milder than ordinary chard, with each color a bit different.
Qty: 4 pack · Cost: $5.00 ea
Chard · Improved Rainbow Striking improved blend of red, pink, white, yellow and gold stalks. Upright habit makes for clean production and easy harvesting. Color intensity is not as well defined early on; mostly pink, red and white at baby stage. Grow to full size for a dazzling display at market! NOTE: This item is grown to order only.
Qty: 4 pack · Cost: $5.00 ea

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