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Graffiti boasts a true cauliflower head on large plants with dark green leaves. Resists summer heat and performs even in drought, but very slow to head up in cool weather. Day-glo florets make delightful crudités, a delicious cooked vegetable or colorful kimchi. The color fades to bluish-purple when cooked, but can be preserved by adding a tablespoon of lemon juice to the cooking water.
Note: This item is grown to order only!

Plant at least 12 inches apart for large heads.  The more space the larger the head.  You may tie the leaves with rope or rubber bands to keep the tops from changing colors. Like broccoli but needs more TLC. Do not allow to get pot-bound; avoid interruptions in growth. Cauliflower heads will “button” under stress. Most varieties can’t stand the heat and are not suitable for summer production. When heads first appear, bend leaves over curd to prevent discoloring.