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Also known as Armenian Cucumber or Snake Melon, William Woys Weaver says “this is one of the oldest of our heirlooms, yet one of the most neglected by our gardeners,” oft exhibited but seldom eaten. Yet its flavor surpasses that of cucumbers, excelling in salads and stir fries without bitterness or burps. Slender slightly fuzzy flexuous fruits delicately coil like a serpent with alternate light and dark green stripes.
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Plant about 12 inches apart or in hills of 3-4 plants as they will vine all over the place.  Succession plantings will ensure a continuous supply.  Harvest when they are size you are looking for.  For pickles harvest smaller and for eating you can wait a little. Very tender, will not survive frost. Pick frequently for best production. Using compost in conjunction with row covers (rather than either alone) increased cucumber yields at the University of Michigan (courtesy of Fedco Seed Catalog).