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The exciting fourth introduction in Johnny’s French Heritage tomato series. Matures early with heavy yields of 8-14 oz. beautiful, heart-shaped fruit. Improved disease resistance over true heirlooms of similar type. Possesses excellent eating quality that is uncommon among modern hybrid greenhouse tomatoes. Cauralina’s fruit has a meaty texture with no gel, making it perfect for sauce, canning, and salsa; but it also has a full, rich flavor great for fresh eating. Produces a tall plant with wispy foliage. High resistance to fusarium wilt race 1, fusarium crown and root rot, and tomato mosaic virus. NOTES: 1) Prune to single leader. 2) Prune to 3-5 fruits per cluster, depending on desired fruit size. 3) Prune off the first flower, or ‘king flower,’ to avoid producing abnormally large king fruit.

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