Finish the Farmhouse

Friends of Ambler Farm is working with the Town of Wilton on a bonding proposal for FY2026. If that happens, Wilton residents will vote to either approve or reject it at the Annual Town Meeting in May 2025. Friends of Ambler Farm is asking on behalf of the Town of Wilton for funds to finish the renovation of the Raymond Ambler ‘White’ House as well as address the necessary repairs and renovation of the Yellow House.

The tentative bonding proposal to complete both farmhouses is tentatively set at $2,050,000 for the Raymond Ambler House and Yellow House.

The Town of Wilton is obligated to renovate the Raymond Ambler House.

The Town of Wilton purchased Ambler Farm in 1999 from the Elizabeth Raymond Ambler Trust upon the death of Betty Ambler. The 22-acre property had been neglected, with multiple buildings in need of major repair. The deed of sale stipulated that the Town restore the buildings and property so that they could be used by the community. “The original portion of the main Victorian house (exclusive of the attached rear areas), the white barn and the red barn as identified on said Parcel must be preserved in their current condition and brought up to satisfactory code for uses as aforedescribed [education or agriculture].”

Friends of Ambler Farm was formed to help the Town fulfill its obligation, not assume the obligation.

Friends of Ambler Farm (FoAF), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in 2005 to create a use plan for the farm and run its day-to-day operations. To date, FoAF has earned, fundraised and subsequently spent over $9 million to run the farm as an educational community resource, creating a much loved and widely-used town amenity. Comparatively, the Town has spent $1.5 million.

Friends of Ambler Farm is financially independent and self-sufficient.

FoAF is not asking for money to help run the farm. FoAF is asking on behalf of the Town of Wilton for funds to finish the restoration of the Raymond Ambler ‘White’ House (RAH) and the Yellow House. The Town of Wilton does not, and will not pay for any of FoAF’s operating expenses.

What is the use plan for the Raymond Ambler House when opened?

Once complete, the farmhouse will be used for a variety of educational programs, field trips, administrative office space, rentals, activities and events — for children and adults — that celebrate the past, present and future of our community. It is key to accomplishing the mission set out by the deed of sale – to dedicate the entire property (land and buildings) to the “preservation of the agricultural heritage of the Town of Wilton.” Click here to read more!

$1.2m has already been spent on the RAH restoration.

The RAH and Yellow House are an integral part of Ambler Farm. A significant amount of funds have already been poured into the RAH to make it structurally sound. This final round of funding allows us to open and use the house. When completed, the Raymond Ambler House will be used for educational programming, events, rentals, and administrative office space.

Ambler Farm is a tremendous Wilton amenity that needs to be supported.

Ambler Farm improves the attractiveness of Wilton to potential home buyers. Its beauty and sense of community are unsurpassed. With over 17,000 annual visitors, the farm is one of the few things in Wilton that draws visitors from around the region, both young and old. Ambler Farm is a special place but remains so only with community support, which includes financial support.

When the Town of Wilton purchased Ambler Farm, they made a commitment. 25 years later, it is time to fulfill that commitment.

Please contact Executive Director Ashley Kineon (ashley@amblerfarm.org) with any questions or if you’d like to learn more about this important initiative.