Our Animals



Nutmeg came to Ambler in May 2009, when he was only a week old. He was born at Millstone Farm in Wilton and has grown into a large, cuddly Shetland sheep. Stay tuned for another new lamb coming this spring!

Raymond + Einstein


Raymond, an African-Pygmy goat named after his Ambler Ancestor, and Einstein, a Saanen-La Mancha mixed breed, both love attention! They are always hopping around, entertaining Ambler Farm’s visitors with their talkative bleats and energetic nature.

13 and multiplying


Our apprentices love to get creative with naming the different rabbits here at Ambler Farm. We have 5 Flemish Giants that are siblings from a litter of seven, named after the Seven Dwarfs, plus 8 smaller rabbits of various breeds: Rex, Mrs.Flopsy, Pluto, Bambi, Attila the Bun, Rabbit Downey Junior, Paprika, and Simba.

Chickens · Turkeys · Ducklings · Geese

Fowl Friends

Ambler welcomes a few dozen baby chicks for our summer program each June. Other fowl friends who join us for the summer include baby turkeys, ducklings, and geese.

Ruby + Willow


Ruby and Willow are American Guinea Hogs who arrived on the farm in the spring of 2017. We chose this breed because of their gentle temperament. They love nothing more than a good back scratch and a belly rub—well, maybe they love food more.

Bring your best friend

Your Dogs

We love animals! Please keep yours, and ours, safe. Dogs are not allowed inside the fenced-in gardens or in the educational area where our animals reside. Dogs are also not allowed inside the farm stand, sugar shack, transplant sale area or inside the buildings at any time. This is for the safety and health of our volunteers and staff, as well as visitors. Many people, especially children, are frightened by dogs, even small ones, or they may be allergic. Dogs must be in owners’ control at all times or they will be asked to leave the farm.

And, of course, please don’t forget to clean up after your canine friend.