Transplant Sale

Are you ready to start growing your own vegetables and flowers? Now’s a great time to plant your garden and it’s a fun activity the whole family can do together. And Ambler Farm has already-germinated plants for easy transition into your garden. You can choose from more than 225 varieties of plants this season.

About Our Transplants

Our transplants are 100% organically grown in our greenhouse from seed in a compost-based potting soil and they are lovingly tended by our Director of Agriculture, Jonathan Kirschner.

We strive to give you plants that will do well when you are ready to plant them in your garden. We plant seeds in organic matter soil in our warm greenhouse where they germinate. We then transition the plants to our unheated hoop house before finally moving them outside. Transplants grown with our methodology suffer less transplant shock and show better resistance to adverse conditions such as disease and pest pressure. Transplants include those that are suited for a colder Northern climate (when planted).

Sale Dates: May 30th

To ensure everyone’s safety, we are opening the Transplant Sale for more days and longer hours this year. Shop our final Transplant Sale on Saturday, May 30th. We’ll be open 9am-3pm.

There are two ways to purchase your transplants:

Purchase your Transplants Online Today with Curbside Pickup

Order Online

ONLINE ORDERS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED. We are waiting for more inventory to grow in our greenhouse. Once we know what germinates, we will reactivate online ordering. If you want plants for this weekend, register for our Stop, Browse and Shop option below.

To guarantee that you receive the varieties and quantities that you want, shop our online store and purchase the plants today. They will be put aside specifically for you. Once you have purchase your transplants, come back here to SCHEDULE YOUR CURBSIDE PICKUP. We’ll have your plants ready for you and our team with put them right into your trunk. Please note that we cannot ship plants.

Stop, Browse and Shop for your Transplants

Sign up for an available 30-minute window to come out to the farm to shop our safe, open-air transplant market. You’ll self-select your transplants while enjoying the beautiful grounds of the farm. We won’t rush you but we do request that you are prompt so that we can accommodate all our guests in a timely manner. SCHEDULE YOUR SHOPPING VISIT HERE. Credit and checks only. No cash permitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Face masks must be worn while you are in the Transplant Market area — please remember to bring yours. Please limit the number of guests in the Transplant Market area to 1 or 2. Families are permitted to enjoy the rest of the farm while you are shopping. Only Service Animals will be allowed in the Transplant Market area. All dogs must be on a leash while on property.

Learn about our “Grown to Order” Program

Come back in early 2021 for our “Grown to Order” program, where we offer a wider choice for your home gardens. Through this program, we offer many additional varieties of 25 vegetable types that must be ordered in advance. We do this because we would love for you to experiment where we cannot; but we can only grow as many plants as there are orders.

For example, we plan to grow 19 varieties of tomatoes at the farm this summer, but there will be 60 varieties from which you can choose for your own garden. We are offering additional varieties of eggplants, flowers, herbs, onions, scallions, salad and cooking greens, peppers, summer squash and winter squash. We are also offering crops such as arugula, beets, radishes and spinach that normally get seeded directly but can be transplanted for an early start.