Transplant Sale

Welcome to the 2024 transplant growing season. Thank you for supporting the farm and for growing your own food at home. We want your gardens to be a success. To help you in that effort we are excited to offer you a variety of fruits and vegetables that we hope you will enjoy growing. We provide them a good start in our greenhouse and let you do the rest.

Transplant Sale Details

Each year, cold-tolerant transplants are ready for purchase/pick-up in mid-April, and warm weather transplants in mid-May. This year, we will offer a selection of cold-weather transplants for sale on Saturdays from 9am – 1pm, starting April 20th, and warm-weather transplants starting May 18th.

As we do each year, we offer a wide variety of plants for your home garden. We do this because we would love for you to experiment in your garden as we often do in our fields. You will find options for all kinds of fruits, veggies, flowers, herbs, salad and cooking greens, and more. You’ll also find crops such as arugula, beets, radishes and spinach that normally get seeded directly in the ground but can be transplanted for an early start.

To promote the idea of experimentation we are again planning to offer additional varieties that are not listed on the website at the farm when the transplant sale begins. Over the years we have learned that some crops are finicky or just plain stubborn when it comes to germinating. Sometimes they germinate easily but then present with a host of difficulties afterwards. We want to offer these additional varieties of flowers, fruits, and vegetables but we don’t want to be on the hook in case they thwart our plans. So definitely keep an eye out for emails to see extra goodies we might have!

You will see a date on each transplant page that lists the last day to order transplants online for a particular crop. This is to provide Farmer Jonathan and crew enough time to grow the plants in the greenhouse. Don’t fret if you miss ordering online as we will have plenty of transplants available at the farm when the sale begins. View Online Order Cutoff Dates

How We Grow Our Transplants

Our transplants are grown from seed in our greenhouse in an organic, compost-based, biologically active potting soil. They are then lovingly tended to by our farmers and dedicated team of volunteers. We strive to give you plants that are healthy, strong and well-adapted to our local climate. Our goal is to grow transplants that will suffer less transplant shock, and have better resistance to adverse conditions such as disease and pest pressure.

Farmer Jonathan reminds you that size can be deceiving. Often a bigger plant will be root-bound and take longer to adjust to transplanting than a smaller one. Don’t get overexcited by very large, bushy plants as they may not be the best choice for your garden.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT SHIP PLANTS. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Because of the improved shopping experience it creates we plan to have time slots for pickup and in-person shopping that will prevent large crowds. More details about logistics will be e-mailed as spring gets closer.